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It all started in 1948 with the coronation from H.M. Queen Juliana

Then Schiphol 1950

1969 control line was in and I built my Spitfire.

The club show in Emmerloord

This is in Urk with my Charter on Multiplex 27mhz

Still flying after building it in 1969
There are houses on this field now

This is my Puma build at 1970
(crashed 2013 with faulty Futaba gear)

My Burda Pipercup PA18 Build in 1978
No place in the removal van 1986

My somthing extra built in 2003

And my Trhush glider & Puma at club show

The Nieuwport 17 in building process   ~   Glider Thrush from 2006

This is my Super air (crashed 2013 with faulty Futaba gear.)

Super Air

My PC9 Pilatus Build in 2012

My Escape – built 2013

The Ibis Build for my friend in 2012 now in my collection

GeeBee Dreamer 2014    ~    My S.A.Bulldog still in box 2014

My current build sorcerer

Pilot Report Mudry CAP 10 Aerobatic Airplane. … The CAP is a product of Avions Mudry et Cie and C.A.A.R.P. in or around Bernay … “acrobatic” means “inverted”.

This is my Cap-46 with 70 FS OS

Flight cap 46

This one is my 2mtr span glider

 And my Glenn Capiche 232 ~ 68


Flight Cap 232 ~ 68


My latest plane