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A little about me…


My name is Cor (Corkey) Klos.  I am retired and enjoy my PC, building and flying my radio controlled aeroplanes, my lovely wife and family and my friends.

We have three children; two from Barbara’s side and one from my side, twelve grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren and we live in a village called Humberston in England.

I was born in Holland in a village called Nieuwe Sluis Wieringerwaard from where my family moved to Kolhorn and Barsingerhorn – old southern sea harbours.

This is where my schooling started and were I learned to play the Clarinet at the Harmony orchestra the Eendracht with Conductor Mr. v. Gladbeek sr. from the age of nine years old until I was twenty four.

Here in 1948 I began my interest for aeroplanes.   Then my family moved to Den Helder where I learned benchworking, welding and enginering for ship building.

I starting work at a bicycle and moped shop. Next I worked civil for the Royal Navy.

I played in the towns Harmony and Post Fanfare with Conductor Mr. v. Gladbeek jr. clarinet and soprano sax.


Thereafter I started my national service in the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy where I spent seven years at sea.


Cygnis Insignis; distinguished by its swans

Clarinet.Cygnis Insignis800px-Soprano_saxophone


From there I worked on a shipyard as ship builder, welder and general ships repair and ship diesel mechanic for Bolnes ship diesel engines.

My H.G.V. driving started in Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and England. During this time I moved to England and retired after 31 years on the road, 30 times around the world, in miles cq km, once around the world sailing.


Here was a hobby of mine years ago — my Horex imperator 350cc.motorcycle

Horex_Imperator 350cc




Horex 1955



This website is still in progress and I still have to add more pictures and video clips. If you look through the rest of my website you will see lots more interesting and fun stuff!