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Training as a sailor has to start somewhere…

This boat, called Noord Braband, is pure concrete!

This next one is called:  Perseverance.


Trip to Scotland  —

img031And a day off duty.

cormarine     20160419_112652

The AMS minesweeper; Hr. Ms. Brouwershaven.
A good ship and lasting memories!

Sailing under the bridge in Kieler canal


This ship from the same group; Hr. Ms. Borculo.

Here I am in combat gear…


And my first royal navy pass photo.


The Real Bell


Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman (historical video)

Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman (R 81) was het tweede en laatste vliegdekschip van de Koninklijke Marine. Het was tevens het grootste schip dat ooit bij de Nederlandse marine heeft gevaren. Het schip behoorde tot de Colossusklasse en was op 17 januari 1945 bij de Royal Navy in dienst gesteld als HMS Venerable.

Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman (R 81) was the second and last aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy. It was also the largest ship ever in the Dutch navy hazards. The ship belonged to the Colossusklasse and was put into service on January 17, 1945 in the Royal Navy as HMS Venerable.

My time at the Karel Doorman was 1960 1961.

(Click here for more information on the Karel Doorman)

This is the Aircraft carrier Hr.Ms.Karel Doorman R81, named after the Dutch Rear Admiral Karel Willem Frederik Marie Doorman.

This ship was built in 1945 as the English HMS Venerable. In 1948 it became the Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman untill 1968 and then became the Veinticinco de mayo (25th of may ) at Argentina.

No need of Tugs .



The Karel Doorman took some battering by stormy weather. The Aeroplanes on board were Hawker seahawk jets, Sikorsky helicopters, Grumman avengers and for Papua New Guinea, the Hawker Hunter.

A look in the Hangar.

We have a coconut drink in the kampong-Sorido.    ~     And a rest in the park at Noumea.

img029 img030



After leaving the Royal Navy I joined up with the Merchant Navy and sailed for van Nieveld Goudrian from Rotterdam. The ship is called Mirzam-N a shelterdeck coaster.

From Birth to Demolition from the Mirzam-n

IMO nr.5236886

Roepletters PGAA

Werf=T.van Duivendijk`s Scheepswerf Lekkerkerk (Z47)


L.O.A. xBR.xDiepte=69,80×9,86×4,35

Motor=4T 8 cil.Werkspoor (390×680)1.100 rpk-13 knopen.

Op 6 oktober1951 te water als MIRZAM-N voor van Nievelt,Goudriaan& Co`s

Stoomvaart-Maatschappij Roterdam. Op 27 nov.1951 opgeleverd.

In Mei 1970 vaart  als PELTI voor Chr.M.Sarlis in Patras,Griekse vlag.

In 1976 ANNA A voor Arghiris Anagnostopoulos in Piraeus.

In 1981 ANNA AI voor Sea Diamonds S-A in Panama City,vlag Panama.

In 1984 Bobby voor Balsamos Dimitrios in Piraeus,home at panama city,vlag Panama.

This ship was many times hold up in Antwerpen.

In 1987 they taken off the beams and mast and put a crane on the Deck.

On December 8 1987 from Antwerpen to Brugge for demolition

And on February 12 1988 they start the Demolition at the Brugse Scheepsloperij N.V.


With the Captains son in Casablanca.


In May 1961 when we sailed out of the gulf of Biscay we developped engine problems and rocked on the Spanish coast Cabo Villano were we had to be rescued by a German tug.

They towed us to El-Ferrol del Caudillo de la-Coruna where we had repairs done.

I sailed from Casablanca to frans ports Rouen, Bordeuax, Nantes and the African coast ports of kanitra, Agadire, El Jadida, Safi,and Sidi ifni were we loading sardines and Tuna in tins and Maroc oranges!

On the quayside in Rouen.

Mirzam-n1              Mirzam-n

A beautiful lined ship.

1Mirzam-n (2)


The `Ysel` was a fine ship to sail. The company was Westera from Zwolle and I have fond memories of this time.

This ship was a gladdeck coaster. I sailed the north sea harbours of Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Le Have, Grainsmouth, Middelsborough, Newcastle, Stockton on tees, Kingston upon Hull, Grimsby, Folkstone and Exeter on this ship.

The Birth and Demolition of the YSEL.

IMO nr.5396571….Roepletters  PIUE

Werf=scheepswerf “De Vooruitgang” v/d D.&Joh.Boot in Alphena.d.Rijn (1211)

BRT=297 DWT=350…..L.O.A. x Br. x Holte=43,67 x 7,47 x3,00.

Motor=4T 4 cil. Industrie (280 x 400 )200 RPK-8 knopen.

Te Water als YSEL voor W.G.J.Westera in Zwolle….Op 2 nov.1951 opgeleverd.

Beheer Wijnne&Barends…..In 1964 beheer Rotterdamse Bevrachting&scheepvaart maatschappij.

In 1966 Beheer Carabeka…..In September 1968 at the name HELIOS voor Naviera western shipping S.A. in Panama,Panama vlag……In March1969 changed the name to HELIOS-W.

In July 1970 is reregistrated in Holland for Naviera Western shipping in Zwolle.

In 1971 sailed under the name SABINA for Allen Forne in Nykobing,with Denmark flag.

In 1976 she got the name of DOLLY for P/R Friis & Frederiksen in Odense.

In 1983 build as Tanker……In 1984 a new engine 2TE 4 cil. MAN/B&W(230×400)300 RPK.

In 1985 for Borge Hansen&Niels E. Rasmussen in Nyborg…….IN 1991 for Tarconord A/S in Nyborg.

In May 1993 for Mendes shipping in Kingstown, ST.Vincent&The Grenadines.

In 1993 DOLLY for Bucaneer Cruises Castries on ST.Lucia, with Dominca flag .In use for Bitumen

in tree separated tanks…..On Nov.5 1999 on the way from Castries to Martinique with 201 tons Bitumen

develop a leak by bad weather and sunk west of Martinique in the bay of Robert on a depth of 20 meter.

Pos:14*40`NB -60*51`WL……..The Crew is rescued by Helicopter……It took till June 2005 when they

resurfaced the tanks with Bitumen.

The back door to the Crews Cabins


Some paint work have to be done.


This Sound is like music in my ears…..




These are the engines I used to work on.

Bolnes engine